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Case Study - Hallsville School in Newham, London

Airtherm Engineering's track record of successful and efficient projects was demonstrated by the recent installation of our 'Canvent' Island kitchen canopy system at Hallsville School in Newham, London. The site is located just over 3.2km South East of the Olympic Park and can be seen from the sky-ride system.

The project involved the successful liaising between Fowler Martin, Fredericks Mechanical Limited and Newham Council (consultant, contractor and client, respectively).

The 4100 x 2200 x 600 deep island kitchen canopy was fitted with grease proof recessed lights, stainless steel grease filters and a R102 Ansal fire suppression system which conforms to NFPA standards 17, 17a and 96 and is UL300 listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. This was commissioned and handed over to the client.

Consultant: Fowler Martin

Client: Fredericks Mechanical Limited

Sector: Education

Products: CanVent System

Equipment: Cooking Equipment

Input & Extract System

Our Product Range
Our product range extends from simple condense canopies, extract only, island or wall mounted canopies, through to our air injection island systems allowing both input and extract. If required, the input air can be pre-heated for additional internal staff comfort during the cold winter months. All products can be configured to suit each individual application.


All canopies are manufactured from 304 (En 1.4301) or 316 (En 1.4401) stainless steel where specified and are suitably braced to prevent product distortion. All joints are welded and polished. 

Our Canopies are cut, punched and folded into sub sections and factory assembled by means of computer controlled seam welds, and non-visible mechanical fixings. Systems are manufactured to the strict guidelines of DW/172, British Standards and conform to HSE for commercial kitchen ventilation. Wall mounted or island canopies can be manufactured to meet almost any dimension but typically 1000mm to 8000mm long. The system ductwork is manufactured and installed to incorporate cleaning and maintenance access doors to fully comply with DW/144 & TR/19 standards.

Canopy Lighting
The units are designed and manufactured to deal with a wide ranging and varied commercial application, and can deal with humidity, condense rich, as well as hot and greasy environments.
These units are normally recessed into the canopy ceiling providing easy cleaning and maintenance of the unit exterior. This also helps to greatly reduce the build-up of grease and other contaminates usually associated with the commercial kitchen environment.

Recessed Incandescent Units:
•    Approved for use in commercial kitchen applications
•    Meet with guidelines for DW172 & HSE Guidelines
•    Satin finished stainless steel matching faceplates for matching hood interiors
•    Tempered prismatic glass diffusers

Fire Suppression System
The island kitchen canopy was fitted with a R102 Ansal fire suppression system which conforms to NFPA standards 17, 17a and 96 and is UL300 listed by Underwriters Laboratories Inc .

The system was supplied with nozzles, detectors, cartridges, liquid agent, fusible links, pulley tress and elbows as required for the specific commercial kitchen application at Hallsville School.

We can undertake turn-key packages from the simply design and installation of the equipment to providing you with all necessary builders work, electrical wiring and commissioning of the complete system.

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