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Case Study - Capel Manor Primary School, Enfield

Airtherm Engineering Limited has recently completed a twin wall fire rated flue installation at Capel Manor Primary School in Enfield. The flue system selected was from the ‘Masterflue’ range.

The Remeha Gas 210 Eco Pro boilers used at the school are a compact floor standing condensing boiler. The small footprint and ability to be installed back to back makes them ideally suited for fluing.

The client requested Airtherm to attend site, prepare and return a fully comprehensive tender, in which design calculations were carried out ensuring the system was adequately sized to convey the products combustion to atmosphere. Due to the huge bulk stock levels in this particular ‘MF’ and our capabilities in reacting quickly, our dedicated team of time served engineers accomplished the mission to our client’s delight.

We are delighted with our performance once again and look forward to working with the client again.

Consultant: T&B Limited

Client: Perfect Pipework Ltd

Sector: Education

Product: MasterFlue System

Equipment: 2nr Broag Eco 210-6 section boilers

Application: High Efficiency

Boilers: Broag Remeha

Model: Eco 210-6

Application: Chimney / Flue System

Operating mode: Wet

Pressure: Positive pressure

Working pressure: 200 Pa (product will operate 1000pa max)

Inner wall: 316L1.4404/1.457 thickness ≤ Ø250 0,4 mm, ≥ Ø300 0,5 mm

Outer wall: AISI 304/ 1.4301 thickness 0,5 / 0,6 mm

Insulation: 25mm thick Rockwool insulation

Sealant: Tri-lip 'o' type silicone ring

Fuel type: Gas

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