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Case Study - Windrush Primary School, Woolwich

This project involved the removal of the existing twin wall header system and the installation of a new twin wall four hour fire rated system to serve two MHS Ultragas condensing boilers.

Airtherm had to undertake a CCTV survey to establish to condition of the existing chimney and to ensure the new liner would pass down the stack without any obstruction.

The existing 24m high brick built chimney is lined throughout with our single wall fully welded product suitable for the application. Our experience team of fitting engineers used a chain block to lower the sections down the stack until reaching the base, completed using a top stub termination cowl and flashing plate.

Project Details:   
Consultant: Billingford Limited
Client: CBM Serv Limited
Sector: Education
Products: DW & ME
Equipment: MHS Ultragas R605
Application: High Efficiency Condensing

Boilers: MHS
Model: R605
Application: Chimney / Flue system
Operating mode: Wet
Pressure: Positive pressure
Working pressure: 150 Pa (product will operate 300pa max)
Inner wall: 316L1.4404/1.457 thickness 0,6 mm
Outer wall: 304/ 1.4301 thickness 0,5
Insulation: 30mm thick Rockwool insulation
Sealant: Tri-lip 'o' type silicone ring
Fuel type: Gas
Chimney: Single wall fully welded stainless

Other Applications suitable for our DW and ME Flues:
  • Condensing boilers
  • Atmospheric gas-fired boilers
  • Gas blown boilers
  • Industrial ovens, large-scale establishments
  • Wood-fired stoves

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