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Case Study - Tipton Hospice, West Midlands

Airtherm Engineering have recently completed the new installation of a natural ventilation system at Tipton Hospice for local firm Cockbill Grant Limited (based in Rugeley, Staffordshire). Airtherm beat our local competition based on our knowledge, experience and technical ability providing detailed design proposals for the client’s consideration.

The Wind-iVent units selected for the project were based on technical information provided by the client, which consisted of room volume measurements, occupancy level, heat gains and the geographical location of the building. Our computer aided calculation package selected the optimal size to match the information inputted by our technical engineer, ensuring optimum performance of the application and satisfaction for the client.

All of our natural ventilation systems are designed in line with current publications such as CIBSE guidelines, AM10 Natural Ventilation in commercial buildings and Building Bulletin 101. The terminal sizes are selected by our new computer aided software ‘Wind-iCalc’ and fully conform to the CIBSE requirements.

Project Details: 
Consultant: ESDP Limited
Client: Cockbill Grant Limited
Sector: Healthcare
Products: Wind-iVent System
Equipment: Natural Ventilation System
Application: Balance Terminal

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