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Case Study - All Saints Primary School, Maidenhead

During September 2012, Airtherm Engineering Limited completed a flue installation at All Saints Primary School, Maidenhead, ready for the return of pupils from the summer shut-down.

The Masterflue system installed incorporated a draft stabiliser, as recommended within the manufactures operating and maintenance literature for balancing purposes.

Due to the close proximity of a kitchen ventilation intake (AHU) - approx. 5m distance - the flue system couldn't simply terminate above the flat roof as standard. Instead, our solution was to incorporate an offset towards the taller structure with the twin wall flue system fixed and secured to the existing brick stack.

Consultant: Maidenhead Council

Client: Perfect Pipework Ltd

Sector: Education

Products: MasterFlue System

Equipment: A.O. Smith COF315

Application: Atmospheric

Water Heater: AO Smith
Model: COF315
Application: Chimney / Flue system
Operating mode: Dry
Pressure: Negative
Working pressure: 200 Pa (product will operate 1000pa max)
Inner wall: 316L1.4404/1.457 thickness Ø250 0,4 mm
Outer wall: AISI 304/ 1.4301 thickness 0,5mm
Insulation: 25mm thick Rockwool insulation
Sealant : Tri-lip 'o' type silicone ring
Fuel type: Oil

Other Application METALOTERM MasterFlue:

• Condensing boilers
• Atmospheric gas-fired boilers
• Gas blown boilers
• Industrial ovens, large-scale establishments
• Wood-fired stoves
• Other Advantages METALOTERM MasterFlue
• No terminal bridges, better heat protection
• High-temperature silicone sealing ring
• Fast-build system without the need of sealants
• High quality insulation uninterrupted from base plate to top stub

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