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Case Study - Crackley Hall School, Kenilworth

Airtherm Engineering Limited worked with Trendgrey Construction Limited to complete the installation of a twin wall stainless steel, four hour fire rated flue installation at Crackley Hall School, Kenilworth. We also installed our Solatube Day Lighting system in several classrooms and corridors.

The new extensions at Crackley Hall School will provide new specialist classrooms, a new hall and music centre. As Crackley Hall is a historic building and is set within a residential context, we worked closely with our client and the local planning authority to develop an appropriate solution for the termination of the products of combustion.

Consultant: Ridge & Partners

Client: Trendgrey Ltd

Sector: Education

Products: MasterFlue System / Solatube Daylight Systems

Equipment: Ideal Harrier / Solatube 160DS

Application: Blown Gas / Flat Roof

Flue solution -

Water Heater: Ideal Cast Iron Boiler
Model: GT Harrier 5
Application: Chimney / Flue system
Operating mode: Dry
Pressure: Negative
Working pressure: 200 Pa (product will operate 1000pa max)
Inner wall: 316L1.4404/1.457 thickness Ø250 0,4 mm
Outer wall: AISI 304/ 1.4301 thickness 0,5mm
Insulation: 25mm thick
Sealant : Tri-lip 'o' type silicone ring
Fuel type: Gas

Lighting solution - 
Product Type: Solatube
Model: Solatube 160DS
Light Coverage: 1032sq m (each)
Number of Solatubes: 5off systems
Location / Areas: Classroom & Corridor
Roof Application: Flat
Roof Type: Sarnafil

Day Lighting systems actively capture daylight from the rooftop and project through a highly reflective tubing to where it’s needed. Solatube light tube system uses the most advanced technologies to ensure that the efficiency and performance of their systems is unrivalled.

Extension tubes are available in lengths of 610mm (straight) or 380mm long incorporating a 0-30° adjustable angle along with the new 0-90° angle unit. All reflective tubes – including adjustable tubes – are manufactured from 99.7% reflective Spectralight Infinity material, allowing tube lengths of up to 15 metres for the SolaMaster 330 DS.

The technologically advanced OptiView® diffuser uses a multiple Fresnel lens system with a stunning architectural look to deliver crystal clear daylight.

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